From Gretna, NE
Designer. Developer. Musician.

About DJ Groff

Midwest-based. Graphic design BFA. Full-time front-end web developer. Part-time solo recording musician. Visuals specialist. Casual writing background. History in non-profit and for-profit logos, branding and product artwork. Commissions accepted.

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Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, After Effects, FL Studio 20

OS: Windows, MacOS, Pop!_OS

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Front-end Development, Drupal, Bootstrap, (Zurb)Foundation, HTML, CSS, SASS, JS

Digital & Print Design, Advertising, Collateral, Print Production

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15+ Years Writing Music
20+ Songs Self-recorded
Guitar & Bass
Overall Audio Geek

Latest Music

Whether you jam, slam or chill, all listeners are welcome to these new tune offerings.